On the road again, or, in a van down by the river (literally)

It’s taken a better part of half a day but we are officially on the road! We got lucky and found a spot due to a cancellation, the first year the campground has been full up according to my RV neighbor.

It’ll take me some time to adjust fully, but initial impressions are good. We plan to use this space as home base, a fallback spot as we travel due to how sparse campgrounds are these days. Sadly, fully gone are the $300/month spaces that dotted the landscape in 2017/2018.

It’s a bit bittersweet. Our move came out from need instead of want due to the safety issues at home due to my little sister’s actions, I blogged/ranted yesterday on this blog, but didn’t post it to social media. Yesterday was a pretty shitty day on all fronts.

But anyway, I don’t have to care about it anymore and even if we hit the road a bit early, it’ll still be Spring soon.

I’m looking forward to good rest tonight.

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