New rig first drive, the lost laptop that wasn’t, and a run in with the law

First off, had a pretty long article written that I lost due to the WP editor refusing to save from the last few days, bummer. It is what it is and writing it was still fun.

We hooked up and took the new rig for a spin today! The 5.0 Coyote of the F150 is well matched with the 3.77 gear ratio. Acceleration feels adequate, braking also. Rear sway is a bit uncomfortable, but can be fixed with a Hellwig rear sway bar, eventually. Overall, the truck handles the trailer well.

Fast forwarding, I lost my laptop and thought I had left it in the old RV. Kasey and I went into town, got pulled over for speeding. Thankfully, just received a warning; I’ll need to watch my speed in town. I’m too used to Indy and the lacking police presence, people speeding everywhere.

I ended up driving back.. two other times, first time forgot the keys, second I gave it a real good look, no laptop. Looked in the house three times, went through the truck, was pretty stressed out. I work in the morning and I need my machine!

It was outside on the wagon. I spotted it while looking outside from the RV door, BIG DERP.

Did have a somewhat funny moment as the officer saw my ham radio and dashcam, asked what we use the vehicle for, pointed over across the street and said, “We pull it behind that RV”. I’m glad that I removed the “5g implant activation vehicle” bumper sticker (and accompanying antenna) awhile back. Smaller town folk may not appreciate it, or may try burning down my truck, lol.

The bed that came with the new RV SUCKS! Like, omg. It’s the most terrible bed I’ve ever (tried) to sleep on. Immediate divots that won’t go away, your ribs smash into the hard wood base. Both Kasey and I have had a hard time on it and it’s impacted our sleep quality. For example, it’s 2:30am right now and I’m in the living room on the couch writing this.

Thankfully, our new bed gets here Tuesday! We loved our wrapped spring/hybrid mattress so much that we found another company that makes custom RV King sizes, it cannot come soon enough!

In other news, really happy with how chill driving anxiety has been lately. Turned around the other morning when dropping off the truck but I had Taco Bell the night before, can you blame me? I was also a bit dizzy from shitty sleep. Once we got into town, though, I was more than fine. We even ate out at Applebees, went in and sat down!

Looking back, even in times where I was relatively anxiety free, I still struggled traveling on some level. I enjoyed flying out to Portland, driving to Key West and other adventures, even if I had to take quite a bit of downtime to write on my blog and relax.

I really enjoy the RV life due to having your space and things with you. Like today, went to the supermarket, bought groceries, then just put it all away in the parking lot before jumping in the truck.

Anyway, time for bed!

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