Oh man, it’s nice!

First off, disoriented as fuck. Just woke up with some major heartburn. Apparently eating half a tub of french onion chip dip before bed was a bad idea.

Second, holt shit! Sitting in this bedroom in the new RV and it’s a whole ass room! You can walk around the bed and it has a door! Hanging closet space, the whole nine yards. It’s crazy to think that this is only three feet longer than the Class C, but there is so much more space!

The heated (and massage) recliners are so much more comfy than I thought they would be! The floors, slides actually have INSULATION! I’m in the king bed and there’s room for Kasey and I, Bottlecap to have room and I’m not sitting here feeling the heat leave my body.

All in all, pretty crazy for it being 15F outside and dropping to 10F soon.

I also picked up a heated 100′ water hose, no more frozen water supply

It’s been a day or two since writing the above. It’s been a lot of work moving out of the old RV and getting it ready for storage. We also have a truck coming for towing this rig next week. Kasey will be trading in her car and we’ll be listing the old RV and Jeep.

It dropped to 10F the first night in the camper, we stayed perfectly warm and comfortable. We are burning propane, though, a rather expensive (comparatively) fuel source vs the diesel heater we were relying upon previously.

Insulating the bedroom windows vs plastic makes such a difference, the bedroom faces the open fields where the 20-30MPH wind gusts blow on the RV. The propane furnace also heats the underbelly, keeping poo, water, and pipes free flowing; huge issue in the old rig and a reason why we changed.

Debt is another. While things are pretty intense right now in terms of debt load, selling off the old vehicles will leave us in great shape as the trailer is a ton cheaper than the Class C. It’s just going to be work to get things done.

This is seriously my favorite RV so far! Sitting in the recliner watching TV is A+, especially with the heat and massage on. We also got a great deal as the RV industry is slowing down again.

Overall, the cost of the trailer and the older pickup is less than just the old RV we are replacing. It’s just gonna be a lot of work getting everything done.

I have a pretty big headache now, so I’m going to go to bed

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