New RV day, frozen & thawed poo, and why does my body wake up early if I go to bed early?

Our new Travel Trailer/RV will be here in a few hours.

A king bed! A TV facing a recliner couch! ROOM FOR TOWELS IN THE BATHROOM! A PLACE FOR ShOeS! STORAGE!!!


It’s the little things.

It’s been 10-20F here this week, the toilet has also been unusable for the past week. Couldn’t drain it, was solid in the tank and lines. I spent a good 3-4 hours defrosting poo, building a little skirt around the RV, and my fav; pouring boiling water into the devil’s asshole (down the loo) and getting a steamy poo facial.

With help from a macerator and a Honey Wagon, we transported our waste in the bed of the Jeep in town for dumping. Yes, I took a long shower as soon as I got back.

We decided to trade in for several reasons. First off, this is more than half less the debt. Momma helped me get the RV after all of my vehicles, camper van, was totaled out and she retires next year. No pressure from her there, it’s something that I want to do.

Second, while this RV is pretty nice, drivable, it’s much lower quality than I thought it would be. Poor to no insulation (which has been the biggest issue), a completely open underbelly (so everything freezes at a hint of cold temps), little to no storage.

I’m so tired of unfreezing pipes and not being able to shit, shower in here. It’s also pretty annoying when we try to do dishes, Kasey tries to do her nightly skincare routine that the water just may be randomly frozen.

I think we’ll be much happier, she thinks so too.

Yes, it’s going to be a pain getting this unit ready for private party sell. Yes, we may end up having to revert many things to stock (and I’m unsure what equipment I want to transfer over). And yes, it’s been a bit of pain trying to work out the logistics on how to accomplish everything, as while we are in the country and you’d think there would be plenty of space, it’s still ends up being a shorter driveway when there’s another RV already here and several cars.

I am fortunate that I found a good place to store this RV in the meantime and that the owner seems very nice. I should have good access to even get a crane in if the solar panels need to come off the roof.

Other random updates. We test drove some used, older trucks to safely tow the trailer yesterday. I gotta follow up later this morning on that.

My concussion seems to be slowly getting better. The ringing has died down a bit, which is nice. I actually went to sleep last night around midnight instead of 3-5AM.

I took today, tomorrow off work so I have along weekend to get shit done and rest, nice. Literally, I’ll be able to shit in my home again.

We have our first summer campground reservation, thanks to momma. France Park said they had 500+ calls from campers wanting to reserve fucking everything for the whole year the moment they opened registration. I fear trying to actually travel and camp is going to be a cunt, sigh. Which leads me into…

Remember solar truck? Yeah. We’ll need a generator, at least, for off grid/boondocking. However…

We’ve also made a pact not to drill a single hole, do any modifications for at least a week, seven days, and just live in the new RV to get a good feel for it. We want to be very mindful and very sure of exactly what we want to do before doing anything. Figure out permanent homes for our things and what we actually want on-board.

No, I never want a massive tilting, insane looking solar array on the roof again. Flush mount solar? Sure. But I found out the hard way that the weight added to this RV’s roof can lead to some sketchy driving dynamics when the wind is gusting up to 35-50MPH when driving. Is it that bad? I mean.. it’s manageable and I think any high profile vehicle would have some issues in the wind. We also could have taken things out of cabinets up high, shifted things around for sure.

We are just tired of fighting so hard with the cold and.. the little things. Like it’s going to be so nice to have a place for towels in the bathroom. We’ll have a place to put our shoes. The kitchen is larger, the fridge is larger. It ends up being the same, or smaller size externally, but since it’s a trailer, it’s all living space. There will be storage outside for camp chairs, our bicycle. The bed lifts up and under it is storage for blankets, sheets.

We will have double heated, massage recliners in front of a fucking TV, how nice is that? Do you know how rare seating that actually faces a TV, where you don’t have to sit 90 degrees, head turned from the TV is in an RV?

We shall know how nice it is here in a few hours when it is delivered.

And on that note, it’s time to get a nap in

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