Farm life and projects

We’ve been here three weeks, the reality of it still hasn’t set in due to my project load. Fans are in, no more frozen pipes. Actuators are off the roof and being replaced. In fact

Every single one has water in them. Yeah… IP66 rated my ass.

They are sending new ones, I’ll be sealing them myself this time.

Mostly been cleaning, the cleaning and organization never stops! 3D printing. Doing electronics projects. Special heated bag is on the way for the water filter so we can have tasty water year round.

Been deep into Home Assistant. Built an epaper display and tablet dashboard. I’d post photos but iCloud photos on Windows sucks.

I don’t go into the house very much. Mike sleeps during the day and the dogs bark when you go inside every. single. time. They are getting him a chair for upstairs, which will be nice.

Have a bit of an ear infection from Airpods. Been using a bit of medication. I’ve never really liked the Airpods Pro in ear experience, I don’t like them IN my ears, especially as I like to sleep with headphones.

Things have been chill. Will be cleaning and organizing, figuring what goes in here tomorrow, the day after, likely forever. It’s quiet here, it feels safe. All is working towards feeling good driving the RV for trips and it be sane and comfortable, as sane as having a shit-ton of solar panels on a roof can be, ha!

Going back to bed soon, goodnight!

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