Last day in Indy.

The house will be done today. Kasey actually gets in Monday at 1am so she won’t be joining me for my maiden voyage. Lo has been such a trooper, I wouldn’t of been able to finish the house on my own with Kasey in Seattle this week!

It is cold outside, 26F last night and only a high of 31 today. The heated mattress pad is a godsend, I think all RVs for winter camping should have one!

My only job is to finish up today and get good rest in tonight. Whatever tomorrow brings, everything is easier not having been up all night. Am I nervous? Yeah. Am I ready to be out of Indy? Oh yeah. Mom said that Mike is very sweet and understanding, he doesn’t care if it takes us 6 hours to make it to Logansport and will tag along the whole way in case he needs to take over driving the RV.

I do wish that Kasey was with us. However, she would have been following us driving her car up anyway.

It’s kinda funny to think that this drive is pretty normal, regular for everyone else and past versions of myself. I used to drive up to my momma’s from Lafayette quite often, Indianapolis once a month or so. Lo and I drove up in the Prius and it was a pretty chill drive, caught pretty heat lightning on the way back, coupled with some NRE back then.

There are parts of me getting excited. Hanging out with fam over Christmas, being away from the noise, traffic, crime, bullshit of Indianapolis. I have my Bambu Labs X1 3D printer being delivered Wednesday to the farm which I’m super stoked about!

There are some parts of me that I will miss. Lianna, Lo, and relative comfort with the area. I’ll be leaving behind the last chapter of my life, even if most of it was stress, trauma, and bullshit; people become addicted to their emotions, used to and comfortable feeling a certain way and healing, calm, contentment can feel uncomfortable, alien. That’s what I’ve been working back to this past year, a feeling of general calm, some laziness, contentment. The art of not doing, deceptively difficult in some seasons in your life.

I also met Kasey here and even went downtown to see her place! It felt so good stepping in her front door and laying in her bed, the same bed I’m sitting on now in the RV.

There’s not much else to say, I should nap a bit more and get started with my day!

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