Finally, a use for all of that spare solar

You put solar on the roof, fine. You charge a battery and power your stuff when the sun doesn’t shine, awesome! But what when your battery is full and your solar panels are just… sitting there?

Well, you finally configure ESS on your Victron gear and run whatever you are plugged into’s power meter backwards!

I never knew that backfeed was even possible with the Multiplus, I thought you had to have some grid tie inverter, NOPE. It’s not well documented, or at least, not documented well for the layman. I was trying to figure out how to use solar potential first when plugged in instead of just drawing from shore like an idiot. I checked out “self consumption” and found that it had been depreciated in favor of ESS.

Now my glorious solar panels dump all available power into the RV and any excess into whatever I’m plugged into. Yes, there’s Anti-Islanding built in so I’m not going to kill any utility workers.

You can imagine my excitement when I turned most of everything off in the house and watched the power meter, it ran backwards! Mission success.

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