Finally, warm at night!

The heated mattress pad is certified awesome, it’s currently 20F outside and if it wasn’t for the cold walls, I wouldn’t be able to tell! The diesel heater is also certified fresh, temperature control is pretty nice and constant through the night.

I slept okay, still not 100% but all things considered, pretty well. I have a bit of a runny nose and I’m tempted to think that since we were exposed to COVID over thanksgiving that we have a mild case. We ended up delaying our move for time so Kasey can comfortably go to Seattle and not worry about logistics, to provide time to finish house stuff since we’ve been dragging, and so we can get her car moved all in one go.

I’m excited to use the coffee maker this morning, I picked a new one up last night as mine went defunct. I also picked up a bunch of different teas to keep me cozy and happy in the RV.

I don’t care to go into a bunch of details, but fuck my landlord. They, for some reason, put my lease end date at December 3rd when I very clearly told them that the vacate date was December 22nd, the end of the lease date. I was on the phone for much longer than I cared to be yesterday. It’s sorted now.

The kitchen counter will be done today, it’s been a three day project. It’s going to look so nice and properly done. I’ll post pictures.

This is a shorter one, it’s coffee time and maybe snoozing time

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