A better night’s sleep, modifying a real comfortable bed for an RV, pretty impressed with the electrical system!

The memory foam bed sucked, even with the topper. Adding the topper led to sinking in the middle, it was pretty miserable. It also collected water under the bed, which is gross (breath condensation).

I did the “impossible”, I successfully shortened a wrapped spring mattress! It wasn’t too hard, either. My RV takes a short queen, this is our bed from our bedroom; a full queen. It’s a Helix mattress and thanks to the construction, it was easy as removing some foam, then pulling out a few rows of springs. I removed two rows of big soft springs and replaced it with the two rows of skinny firm springs to maintain edge rigidity.

Some spray adhesive keeps the springs in place, just like factory! The cover was taught from the factory, so rezipping without shortening the cover actually works well as the difference between a queen and short queen is only a few inches!

The final results look swank as well.

Sleeping in the RV was much more comfortable and familiar on this mattress. My lungs also feel a bit better, I really do think the class action against the Zinth mattress with the fiberglass bullshit is a real thing (the mattress I removed). I’ve owned three and all three led to some breathing issues that were just slight enough that it was difficult to pin down that it was exactly the issue.

I have a new Kuerig arriving today for the RV, found a single cup maker like I had for half off thanks to Cyber Monday. I use a re-usable pod with my own coffee, decaf, I’ve been caffeine free for about a year and a half now. The ancient one I got from Linley, an original model finally kicked the bucket and the single cup maker I got from mom for Father’s day was in rough shape and stopped working. I’d do well to velcro this one to the RV kitchen countertop or 3D print a holder so it doesn’t go flying around.

I also have a heated, dual zone mattress pad coming as the bedroom in the RV can get just a bit chilly. Even with the heat running, the walls and floor can get cold, especially in the slide-out of the bedroom.

I ended up cancelling my Amazon Prime subscription and I’m boycotting Amazon due to their changed return policy, and shit return experiences this year. I’ve had so many returns go missing or be delayed, the latest was an AMD processor I specifically paid for shipping for so I had a tracking number. The local UPS store just throws everything into several boxes all together when doing “free” returns and things go missing constantly.

This last time around I waited a whole fucking month for a return and a T2 couldn’t refund it as they usually do when calling in after two weeks. It was especially frustrating as the return box contained two equally priced items and I got the refund for the second item in the same shipment within days. I bet whoever did the return stole or just overlooked the second item.

First world problems for sure. I’ve switched to Walmart as they deliver from store both here and at my mom’s, eBay, Ardoama and others. Not like Walmart is much better with their worker treatment, etc, capitalism.

Anyway, enough bitching! I do have to say that I’m very impressed with the RV’s electrical system, even during the winter months with little sun/solar generation. See, I’m plugged into a 15Amp plug on the side of the house and set a firm 15Amp power limit so I don’t overload the circuit, which was an issue with my last RV with the circuit tripping and slow melting of the plug.

Now the Victron inverter just takes power out of the battery bank to assist above 1,500W and recharges the battery when needed, super seamless and awesome! Now I can run the aircon, heaters, water heater, computers, whatever off of the limited 15A shore and not worry about it.

I think I do eventually want to figure out grid-tie inversion so any spare solar is dumped back into the source, very handy for some day when I have a house again to lower the electric bill and get the most out of my solar panel investment.

Today we will continue sorting and packing, figuring out what we want to have in the RV! The RV is due for a good organization and cleaning, I have laundry to do and minimization of my clothing for the RV. I took a shower in here for the first time in about a year, a new low GPM shower head just arrived to stretch the hot water just a little more. We also managed to fill the shitter yesterday, so we moved the RV and emptied it, haha.

I have a Bambu X1 Carbon pre-ordered which I’m super excited about! It’ll be my Christmas present and having a 3D printer on-board the RV is very useful for all manner of practical things. I need to design and print some monitor hold downs for our computers before we move the RV, for example.

I slept about 5-6 hours, could do with a nap today; but feeling less stressed and better! Have a good day!

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