New camera! Two weeks until we move

Some random shots

Holy shit, only two weeks to go! Starting today we need to kick ass and get things done. Mom, Keva, Jade came to visit over the weekend, it was nice seeing family and a reminder of how alone I’ve gotten used to being.

I pulled tarot for the first time in a long time with Jade, everything in that space came back, strongly, I ended up with a headache the following evening and day after; I did too much and was out of practice as they say. I don’t think I’m going to, or need to pull often or be in that space very often as I’m pretty happy having it turned off most of the time.

We should start sleeping in the RV tonight to get used to the space and move the couch, bed first to motivate us to get things done and signify the seriousness of the move. I do not want us running out of time and there is much to do!

I found a banger of a deal on a Sony A7 IV and kit lens at Best Buy of all places! They had marked it down several hundred dollars due to open box and “residue”, which was nothing more than a fingerprint on the lens. The shutter has 6,000 frames, hardly broken in! Couldn’t ask for a better birthday present.

I should put some pants on and get shit done

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