Seeya Facebook, returned the Quest Pro & we’ve been packing

Last day of work today and holy shit, my birthday is next week! We’ll be outta Indy pretty soon. We’ve been packing and taking things to storage, sorting, normal move stuff.

We’ll be getting the bulk of the work done this weekend & into my birthday week. Fam may come down this weekend to hang tomorrow, we shall see. There’s a stray cat we’ve been feeding that comes around 6-7pm. I pet the cat for the first time last night, orange calico.

Finally deleted Facebook, Instagram went away a bit further back after their bullshit Tiktok forced scrolling garbage. Ended up returning the Quest Pro while I was at it as I couldn’t justify it over the Quest 2 with the price. I’ve been looking at DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, but again, very hard to justify over the iPhone 14 Pro Max with how good the image quality is already.

Next year we’ll likely have USB-C iPhones, finally. iPhones will actually be decent creative tools not stuck with USB 2.0 transfer speeds. Also rumored is some sort of optical zoom, that’d be fantastic.

I’ve been a bit stressed about the move, not like panicking or anything though. It’s just going to be a big step for me and signifies closing this chapter fully. I also know that living in the middle of nowhere is gonna be pretty boring, which is nice and comes with its own benefits. One big benefit is vastly reduced crime. People getting shot and killed in the McDonalds bathroom down the road is hopefully going to be a rarity.

I think the best next step is to re-acclimate to the RV and get used to sleeping in there again, that’ll happen before the move. It’ll also be a good dry run to help figure out what we need to have on-board.

And with that, just had breakfast and it’s time to get to work!

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