Crazy dreams, spoke with a Zen Monk (in IRL, for real), and other rambles

Oh man, totally not sure why it’s been hitting me so hard lately, but I’ve had some intense dreams these last few days. I end up waking up super groggy and keep drifting between sleep and awake, right back into that weird ass dream.

I’ve been forcing myself up, as I am right now. I’ll stay up for a bit and go back to sleep.

I ended up getting 7 hours of sleep in the night before this one, also, I ended up napping 2 hours before bed, I woke up around 8pm. lol.

I’ve just been super lazy in general this past month, the cooler weather combined with projects has kept me busy.

I spoke with a Zen Buddhist Monk about mortality during a live AMA earlier on Reddit today. He mentioned something like how there is a part of me that craves, is looking for that sort of emotion and consider redirecting it. If these thoughts come up, turn to the body, turn to the breath; get curious about the body. Take a bath, go for a walk. A real bath, turn the lights out, light a candle.

“Don’t give so much importance to what you think.”

There were many other questions from others, such wisdom. It’s been nice discovering the stream. I had someone reach out after and thanked me for my vulnerability.

I think a reason why I’ve been more prone to light sleeping and waking has been winter dry air. I’ve been snoring and my airways dry out. Yes, my sleeping SpO2 is just fine as is my resp. rate, thankfully my Apple Watch tracks that.

I should go back to bed!

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