Entering the… Metaverse

Oh god, I used that word… metaverse in a non-mocking way. I’m making the poor decision to pick up a Meta Quest Pro headset regardless of how much fun I make of Zucc.

Reason being… I’m interested in it from the aspect of development and tinkering with Unreal Engine 5. Also, a headset like the HP G2 has far too many wires to fit in the RV. The lenses and video quality are better than the G2 and I can flip and re-sell my Quest 2.

I just find so much of the marketing and memes so irritating about Web 3.0, blockchain, the “metaverse”, etc. No business in their right mind is going to be forcing their employees to meet up in the “metaverse” anytime soon with expensive $1,500 headsets.

I think VR/AR has some interesting applications in mental health, especially when it comes to PTSD and exposure therapy. I’ve been tinkering around with creating environments for exposure therapy and a meditative experience that I found relaxing.

Shit like eye tracked ads really piss me off to the point where I’m nearly done with Oculus as a company, we shall see and I ordered from Amazon which has an extended return period until Jan 30th.

Into the… Zuckerverse

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