Building PCs, quitting jobs, and intents to vacate

KC put in her notice yesterday after meeting with HR about the (im)possibility of working from home/remote. It’s funny the university doesn’t allow it when most of their staff does so anyway. Their loss, and she was often bored silly in her role most days.

I also put in our intent to vacate, it felt nice after receiving notice rent would be going up by $100… from $1495 to $1595 LMFAO. I composed them a longer email about how I expect a minimum of maintenance services for anywhere near the monthly rent cost.. I ended up having to fix the aircon myself as they kept sending out a nice, but unlicensed tech that didn’t know what the hell he was doing.

I’m really proud of Kasey, I think that she’s going to end up more fulfilled and it’s not like she’s going to become stagnant over the next few. We’ve built her a good spec desktop for the RV and we’ve been talking about learning new skills, doing courses, and gaming on the road, which will come in handy during cold winter months.

RV base load, inverter idle and fridge is manageable overnight. This has some PC load around 6-8pm. Again, at least doubling the bank is going to be necessary. Again, still not looking forward to the work that entails. It’ll go by quickly once I get started, I’m sure.

My sleep has been meh lately. I’m up like a child on Christmas due to the Nvidia launch this morning. It’s funny that I’ve been waking up around 7 or so as KC stopped going into work at the ass crack of dawn these last few weeks and instead goes in around 9. I do need to go back to sleep, so I’ll get on that.

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