Good morning, 4am; plans to leave Indy, and tech talk

I was a tired bitch and fell asleep at 8pm. The only issue is that my dumb ass body wants to wake me up 5-6 hours later, without fail. Buuuut, if I stop for a second and think of pre-industrial society, that’s the natural rhythm. Fall asleep with the sun, wake up around 2-3am, fuck, read, pray, fall back sleep and feed the farm animals at 5am.

I picked up an Apple Watch Ultra as the sleep tracking is supposed to be awesome and the increased battery life can get me through multiple days. It doesn’t end up tracking my sleep some nights and surely doesn’t track naps at all. The Oura ring was also a bit unreliable, but not as much. The only device that was very accurate at tracking sleep in my experience has been the Fitbit series of devices, and they don’t officially sync with Apple Health.

You can use a 3rd party app to do it, but it’s not optimal. I also had some bugs, the wayfinder watch face wasn’t appearing in the Watch app on iOS and I literally just reset my watch yet again as AirTags in Find My wasn’t syncing to the watch.. “add your items on iPhone”. Hopefully yet another sync fixes it.

I also played phone tag with AppleCare over the last two weeks as messages was taking up 52GB in iCloud and message sync was funky. I finally cleaned up my messages, deleting 90,000 or so since 2018. It took an engineering escalation as deleted messages kept coming back after deletion. I also had to use AppleScript to automatically delete messages, as Apple makes it hard to delete messages on macOS.. no keyboard shortcuts and you can’t bulk select. It’s either an oversight, or an intentional ploy by Apple to keep messages in the cloud for as long as possible.

As for PC and other tech.. AMD AM5 releases tomorrow, gonna pick up a 7950X and a 4950 to rebuild the desktop into an ITX case, a Hyte Revolt 3. The mid tower doesn’t fit in the RV, at least not without taking up valuable desk space. Much of Nvidia’s behavior has been bullshit lately, but it sucks that AMD Radeon is far behind when it comes to Machine Learning acceleration on their cards. Objectively, I’m excited for DLSS 3, I think the massively increased frame rates are going to be epic for PCVR, Microsoft Flightsim getting 100FPS is awesome for VR, or it should be. Without DLSS, it gets around 60FPS and has much studdering due to CPU bound workloads, it’s just how MSFS works.

I still need to install the HAM radio in the RV and swap out the Jeep’s auxiliary lithium battery. I had bought a Chins heated battery and it cell overvoltaged out of the box, also, it was only at 6% SOC, sitting in some warehouse since 2021. The seller says that it does NOT have cell balancing, which is absurd as it’s pretty much a requirement in lithium batteries.

I’m going to bite the bullet and go Battleborn, they make them in Nevada, US and actually balance, match their cells.

I also want to figure out what loads I’d like to power on the Jeep. Of course, camping loads are a given, there is a roof top tent on the RV. I also want to install a “emergency” battery isolator where I can flip a switch and it’ll charge the Jeep’s battery from the lithium aux.

Starlink also comes to mind. I can’t always park the RV where I need it for optimal dishy placement, but I can park the Jeep where I need it and do a Wi-Fi bridge.

Changing gears a bit, KC and I decided to have the house done and move out by the first weekend in December! She’s also going to figure out her work by November. I’m excited to GTFO. Now comes the long process of minimizing and figuring out what we shall take in our new home.

Anyway, time to reach out, again, to Apple Support and figure out this find my issue. Bleh. Have a good day!

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