Goodbye Tesla, it’s throat hurt-o-clock

The Tesla should be paid off and gone in about 6 hours! I could have waited a bit and got more cash, but honestly; just having it paid off and out of my life is nice. No more Tesla payments or Tesla insurance. No more cunt Elon Musk association or buggy-ass software.

The Tesla is one of the more unreliable vehicles I’ve owned for having 10k miles. I also came from the aspect of openpilot, an alternative, open source vehicle autonomy stack on Prius and Rav 4. Autopilot is behind and feels abandoned compared to openpilot, and I think FSD is really dumb when decent highway/ADAS is the 95% use case.

I can’t stand George Hotz, either, though.

It’s now the next day, before bed. The Tesla is gone and paid off! My semi-rant made it on the front page of the Tesla forums, lol.

I’m kinda just burnt out of vehicle autonomy in general, it’s made me a net worse driver overall and while I miss hacking on code and solving problems, that’s all it really was to me at the end of the day. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m sorely going to miss even having adaptive cruise, but it’s nice to take a good break and return back to basics.

Went into the doc and got my ears cleaned out, also, tested positive for strep throat. I’m just kinda over it at this point and not even the strep is really getting to me past the first day. It’s just kinda like, okay, this is the new normal now. I am happy the COVID brain fog and funk/depression has worn off a bit, though.

Looking forward to riding this once I feel better!

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