Post-COVID… depression?

First night I’ve been up late this week, I’ve been getting 8-9 hours of sleep in a night which is insane for me, it makes sense as my body is healing. Everything came to a crashing halt when I got sick, it just hit me, hard.

Kasey seems to be handling COVID well, she may return to work this week if her test comes back clear. It’ll be a little lonely around here, Brad is in Seattle and I’ve gotten used to spending my days hanging out with Kasey.

I’ve had some weirder dreams today, sometimes I just get thrown back to the traumas of years back and it throws me off balance. The brain trying to make sense of what can’t be made sense of.

I’m not sure why it matters. I was who I was then and there was nothing wrong with that iteration of myself. I don’t know if I could say I was happy, though. I kinda settled and was ready to settle down, if such a thing exists. Kasey and I are more than a year in by now, it’s crazy how time flies in retrospect.

It’s August now, just a handful of months until we hit the road. Not other choice but to break free, leave Indy, close this chapter in a real way, finally. We took the RV onto the interstate, first time it’s left the driveway since starting the big project.

She seems to handle just fine. Nothing rattled or fell off, wind didn’t catch the panels and cause chaos on the highway. I think with some finishing up work, she’ll be ready. Downsizing will be a task for sure, no choice but to use a local storage unit, tying us to this place in some ways but that’s fine.

I wonder what it’ll be like on the road, this thing I’ve wanted to do for so long. Untethered. It’ll be a big change at first, but like most things, it’ll become familiar over time.

That’s about it, really. The big project is done after an evening with Lo getting it bolted down on the roof and I’ve just been feeling kinda meh. Getting better after COVID and feeling a bit stir-crazy after being under the weather for so long.

It is crazy how easily I caught it, I never want to get COVID again or be that sick again; it’s scary shit.

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