We have liftoff!

What an exciting day, the panels are finally on the roof! It’s very impressive, considering I built the frame and did all of this work in about a month! I can raise, and lower the panels from anywhere in the world on my phone or laptop; and in fact, control the generator, water pump, water heater, and other controls the same way.

I’ve lost some faith in humanity sharing on social media, people don’t think of the panels being motorized and assume I’m driving around with a 10′ tall wing on the top of my camper. But most people tape down some 100W panels on their roof and call it good.

It was my first time being around a crane, you gotta stay aware of where the weight is, what could break and fall, the dynamics of the object and wind, gravity, and momentum.

The weather station is on top of the roof frame, a todo will be to program auto panel folding in high wind. The hardware to secure the panel arrives today. One commenter recommended a more secure method of securing the panel when folded, I’m thinking power failsafe electromagnets.

Still some more tidying up and finishing to do, but the major work is now complete!

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