I think Elon Musk is a cunt, but I like Starlink

Starlink RV is finally here. I had a dish in 2020 with promises of it going mobile, but it didn’t until a few months ago. Finally, internet on the road, literally anywhere you can drive. I was a bit nervous as Indiana wasn’t marked as “available” on the coverage map, which just means reduced capacity due to other users, but it seems to be working just fine.

What’s the first thing you do with your fancy satellite dish? Cut the cable in half, of course. These specific connectors are garbage btw, not recommended due to how noisy they are:

They use cheap ass S-pins which introduce noise and crosstalk to the point the dish won’t communicate with the router. I found a PCB-based passthrough and it works fine with a shielded one on the way today.

Brad leaves for Seattle in a few hours. Kasey just left for work and it’ll be an empty house, the first time in months. Not that Brad really ever left his bedroom in the mornings, it was still nice knowing he was here. Anxiety is weird, my body woke me up at 7am and I managed to get in 5 hours and 25 minutes of sleep.

I’ve been dealing with some allergies, it’ll be time to try out a nasal spray this weekend. It hasn’t rained much and the dust, pollen is afoot.

Anyway, time to work!

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